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New top boss at Wyre named

Published on Wednesday 25th May 2011

Wyre Council has chosen its next Chief Executive.

Subject to approval by the full council on 9 June, Garry Payne will succeed outgoing boss Donna Hall when she leaves to join Wigan Council in August.

Garry is currently Director of Regeneration at Wyre. The decision to appoint internally from within the existing senior management team ensures continuity and brings savings to the public purse of £21,000 each year.

That's on top of the £50,000 annual savings made when Ms Hall was appointed last November.

Garry has been with Wyre Council since September 2006. One of his first improvements was to introduce public speaking at Planning Committee meetings, making the planning process more transparent and leaving residents feeling their views have been taken on board.

Under his leadership the council's planning team shot from 292nd to 11th in the country for the time taken to determine planning applications and was then named the country's most improved authority.

Other achievements include:

- becoming the first local authority in the North of England to have an Area Action Plan declared sound by central Government

- the introduction of town and parish council planning ambassadors which has been declared a unique approach by the Departments of Communities and Local Government

- the adoption of the Fleetwood Seafront Masterplan and securing £1.8m of Sea Change funding

- partnership working with Booths to secure a new retail store and development in Garstang

Garry said he was keen to get started in his new role, with a vision to deliver the very best services to residents, businesses and visitors as cost effectively as possible.

"I'm looking forward to working with all sections of the community - members, partners and council officers - to achieve this.

"What is particularly pleasing is being able to work closely with a very knowledgeable and experienced management team who share that vision."

The decision was made last night (Monday) by a new appointments committee, which included council Leader, Councillor Peter Gibson. He commented: "We had three very strong candidates for the post, which shows what an effective senior management team we have in place at Wyre.

"I am delighted that Garry Payne has accepted the job and I look forward to working with him for many years to come."

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