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Recycle your leftovers

Published on Monday 6th June 2011

Wyre residents are being urged to take advantage of a new recycling service and dramatically cut the amount of rubbish going to landfill.

From today (Monday) food waste will be welcomed into the recycling stream for the first time - all people have to do is scrape it into their green bin instead of the grey.

It will then be collected by Wyre Council along with green and garden waste on the usual day before being converted into a high quality compost for use in the community.

Considering that approximately 25 per cent of the rubbish in grey bins is from leftover food, there are definite benefits to the environment and the public purse by diverting it from landfill.

Councillor Peter Murphy, portfolio holder with responsibility for waste, said: "This is a tiny change for residents, nothing more than putting their leftovers in a different bin, but the overall difference it can make is massive.

"Processing the food waste and turning it into compost will help to reduce the annual cost of landfill disposal, so there is potential here to make a substantial saving.

"And as rubbish buried at landfill gives off damaging gases that contribute to climate change, we'll also be helping the environment."

All kinds of food waste is now accepted in the green bin, including anything you scrape off your plate, plus tea bags or coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit and veg peelings, solid fat and bones from meat, even pet food.

If you prefer to wrap the food before placing it in your bin, you can use paper or newspaper, but plastic is not permitted as it will contaminate the composting process. Your bin will not be emptied if it contains any other packaging materials.

Another tip is to keep a container (maybe an ice cream tub) handy in your kitchen to store scraps until it's time to put them in the bin.

To minimise costs, this recycling opportunity is initially available to those properties which already have a green waste bin. Consideration will be given to rolling this out to all Wyre households at a later date.

More information is available on the council website at http://www.wyrebc.gov.uk/.

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