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Published on Tuesday 19th July 2011

A new service that reuses or recycles bulky household waste has been launched by Wyre Council.

Bulky Matters is a partnership between the council and charity Furniture Matters, which has been working with councils in Lancaster and Blackpool for several years.

From today (Monday 18 July) Wyre residents can request the collection of all kinds of unwanted items, including furniture, white goods, electrical appliances, bikes and carpets.

Anything reusable will be passed on at low cost to charities and reuse organisations to benefit local people. Anything beyond repair will be broken down and recycled as much as possible.

Collection times are also more convenient, including Saturdays and one weekday evening. Items can also be collected from inside the home so they don't get wet or look unsightly stacked up outside.

Councillor Peter Murphy, Cabinet member with responsibility for waste at Wyre Council, said: "The main difference between this and our previous bulky waste service is that items will now only go to landfill as a last resort, which is something we have wanted for some time.

"Tapping into the existing agreements between Furniture Matters, Lancaster City Council and Blackpool Council also makes this a more efficient service than previously.

"We're delighted to be able to offer our residents this improved and more environmentally friendly service."

Alison Page, Chief Executive of Furniture Matters added: "We are really excited to be working with Wyre Council on the Bulky Matters in Wyre service. We can come and collect your bulky waste at a time to suit you too, so you can dovetail our collection with the delivery of any new goods. All it takes to arrange is one short phone call.

"Your items will go to a good home if they can be reused and if they need repair then we will be providing volunteering and training opportunities to do just that. We will also be working closely with other local charities so that they too can benefit from reusable items collected."

Charges are £18 for up to three items and £6 per additional items. Council Tax or Housing Benefit recipients are eligible for a discount. Please mention at time of booking.

Call 01253 891000 or call in at the Civic Centre in Poulton to arrange a collection. Log on to http://www.wyrebc.gov.uk/ and search for Bulky Waste for a list of items that can and cannot be collected.

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