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Fleetwood residents set to talk rubbish with council

Published on Monday 4th October 2010

It's time to start to talking rubbish!

That's the message to residents living in North Fleetwood as Wyre Borough Council sets out to involve the public in changes to the way their waste is collected.

The move to change the method of collection for some 5,000 homes in the area from weekly black sacks to wheeled bins, operated on an alternate weekly basis, will bring the area in line with the rest of the borough.

Wheeled bins were first introduced in Wyre in 2005 and since then have significantly increased recycling levels across the borough and led to tidier streets contributing to a cleaner and greener Wyre.

Satisfaction rates for refuse and recycling collections have also rocketed since the system began which enables residents to recycle glass, cans, plastics, paper, cardboard, textiles and garden waste as well as dispose of household waste.

But before any decisions are made the council is urging the public to have their say at two public meetings planned later this month at Milton Community Centre.

Wyre's refuse and recycling teams will be hand to explain the advantages of changes and listen to views from the public.

Rick Smales, Street Scene Manager, explains: "We want to listen to what residents have to say and discuss any issues or concerns they might have about introducing these changes. We realise there may be difficulties in accommodating a number of wheeled bins for people living in terraced properties or houses in multiple occupation but we want to discuss the options and work with local residents to find an appropriate solution.

"In the areas where wheeled bins currently operate resident satisfaction levels are high and we believe this can be achieved in North Fleetwood too. We would urge people to give us their views and get involved in the process so please do come along to the meetings and have your say."

The Talking Rubbish consultations will take place at 11am and 7pm at Milton Community Centre, Milton Street, on Tuesday 19 October.

Residents can also voice their comments and concerns online by logging onto http://consult.wyrebc.gov.uk/ and clicking on the Talking Rubbish feedback form, or over the phone on 01253 891000.

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