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Fleetwood Cemetery to undergo new development

Fleetwood Cemetery, Columbarium Published Thursday, 14 June 2018

An area at Fleetwood Cemetery that is much loved by grieving families, is to undertake a new development to utilise the space.

The area will continue to offer families a final resting place for ashes or memoralisation in memory of a loved one.

Fleetwood Cemetery currently has seven columbarium units. The area was first developed in 2009 and allows grieving families to reserve a niche for ashes, the black granite plaque is then inscribed with their loved ones name and dates of death. Their ashes can be placed in wooden caskets behind the plaque. There has been an increase of uptake each year since the installation in 2009 with the final of the 8 units to be installed July time.

Wyre Council has decided to utilise and make best use of the second roundabout area and install more columbarium units to allow more families to have a place to remember their loved ones. The new development will have the new panorama units installed which have more niches available.

The ground works are due to start at the beginning of July 2018 to be finished for March 2019. The first unit is to be fitted in 2019/20. 

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