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Wyre Christmas waste collection changes

Published Wednesday, 13 December 2017

There will be changes to waste and recycling collection days over Christmas and New Year.

Changes to collections are as follows:

Normal collection day                                       Revised collection day 

  • Monday                25/12/2017   earlier   Saturday           23/12/2017    
  • Tuesday               26/12/2017   later      Wednesday      27/12/2017
  • Wednesday          27/12/2017                Thursday          28/12/2017
  • Thursday              28/12/2017                Friday               29/12/2017
  • Friday                   29/12/2017                Saturday          30/12/2017  
  • Monday                01/01/2018                 Tuesday          02/01/2018
  • Tuesday               02/01/2018                 Wednesday     03/01/2018
  • Wednesday          03/01/2018                 Thursday         04/01/2018
  • Thursday              04/01/2018                 Friday              05/01/2018
  • Friday                   05/01/2018                 Saturday          06/01/2018

Don’t forget, the festive season is a great opportunity for recycling!

There is lots of extra waste produced that can be recycled over Christmas. The wrapping paper, extra cans and bottles from parties, card from toy packaging and Christmas cards can all be recycled, either through our kerbside recycling service or residents can also use the Lancashire County Council household waste recycling centres.

A full waste and recycling service collection calendar has been circulated to households from the beginning of December. For properties on purple sack collections the changes are detailed on the purple sacks.

Christmas trees can be put out for collection on the specific collection days in January highlighted for Christmas trees on your calendar. Christmas trees must be out for 7:30 am on this day only. 

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