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Uber’s premises licence revoked

Uber Published Friday, 06 January 2017

Uber nightclub on Vicarage Lane Poulton le Fylde has had its licence revoked following concerns regarding the management of the premises.

On 9 November 2016 the licensing sub-committee met to determine an application for a summary review submitted by Lancashire Constabulary. The grounds for review were that the police were of the opinion that the premises were associated with serious crime or serious disorder or both, as a result of incidents that they believed had taken place on the premises.

The sub-committee decision was to take the interim step of the immediate suspension of the premises licence pending a full review hearing.

On 13 December the sub-committee met again to consider an interim steps representation from the premises licence holder. The committee decision was that the interim step of suspension should remain in place, pending a full review hearing on Thursday 5 January 2017.

On Thursday 5 January 2017 a full review hearing was held at the Civic Centre and, following representations by the police and the legal representative of the premises licence holder, Mr Elliott Simpson, members of Wyre’s licensing committee decided to revoke the premises licence for the venue.

The committee also decided that the current suspension of the licence will continue until the end of the period permitted for an appeal of the decision, or until such an appeal is dealt with.

Councillor Simon Bridge JP, Chair of the Licensing Committee said: “Members reviewed all information from all parties and after finding failures of licensing conditions a unanimous decision was made to revoke Uber’s licence.”

Wyre Council expects licensed premises to operate in accordance with licensing standards. The majority of businesses in the borough uphold these standards every day, and for that the council cannot praise them enough.

Wyre Council will take matters regarding the management of licensed premises very seriously and will take action in appropriate circumstances.”

Councillor Peter Gibson, Leader of Wyre Council, said: "There was a meeting held last night during which the decision was made to revoke the licence for Uber."

I think this sends out a very serious message - if there is a breach of licensing conditions then Wyre Council will act strongly."

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