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Storms Desmond and Eva - December 2015

Advice and support for residents and businesses affected by flooding in St Michael's and surrounding areas.

Around 80 properties in Wyre were flooded in St Michael’s, Churchtown and Garstang during December as extremely heavy rainfall caused rivers to overflow and damaged the banks of the River Brock.

To understand the impact of this flooding, watch this video produced by Churchtown Flood Action Group.

Financial support 

All households in Wyre that were flooded in recent storms were entitled to receive a minimum community grant of £500 to help with recovery costs, such as provision of temporary accommodation, funded from central government's Communities and Business Recovery Scheme.

We've been working hard to identify flooded properties and every household identified will receive the £500 payment directly from their local authority. Residents do not have to apply; we will be contacting those affected. The first tranche of cheques were delivered before Christmas to the majority of affected households. However, any household that has been flooded and has not yet been visited, or received payment, can confirm their eligibility by emailing To date we have administered 95 grants, a total of £47,500. 

The Household flood resilience grant scheme provides grants of up to £5,000 to homeowners that have been flooded as a result of Storms Desmond and Eva to help fund additional flood resilience or resistance measures for homes. To date we have administered £224,000 in grants. The deadline to apply for funding is Monday 19 December 2016. Closed.

Council Tax flood relief discount is available to council tax payers whose homes were affected by flooding during storms Eva or Desmond including a 100% discount for a period of three months from 5 December 2015. We are currently in the process of awarding discounts to those affected. Further discounts will be available on application after 4 March 2016 if, as a consequence of the flooding, you have had to move out of your property and have not been able to return by that date. To apply for a further flood relief discount after 4 March 2016 you will need to contact the council on 01253 887354. To date the total council tax discount awarded is £72,000.

Lancashire County Council offers support for those most vulnerable in communities through the care and urgent needs support scheme which provides food parcels, electricity vouchers, recycled furniture etc. Some residents impacted by flooding may be eligible for help. Find out more


Have you been affected by the flooding? Please contact our Business Support Team on 01253 891000 or email who can offer advice and support.

The flood resilience grant scheme allows affected households and small and medium-sized businesses to claim up to £5,000 per property flooded as a result of Storm Desmond, towards flood resilience or resistance measures for properties. The deadline to apply for funding is Monday 19 December 2016. Closed.

The Farming Recovery Fund offers support payments worth up to £20,000 to farmers who have been affected by flooding to help restore damaged agricultural land. The fund will provide assistance with four key areas, including:

  • Restoring productive grassland
  • Recovering productive arable and horticultural land
  • Restoring farm vehicle access
  • Repairing agricultural drainage

Farmers who want to apply should contact the Rural Services helpline on 03000 200 301.

Business rate flood relief discount is also available for businesses flooded as a result of Storm Desmond or Storm Eva between 5 and 26 December 2015. This includes a 100% discount for a minimum of three months, or until the business restarts trading from the property if longer, up to a maximum of 12 months. The relief applies for the full three months even if the premises reopen within that time. 

Cleaning up

Download our flooding guidance and advice leaflet

Download fire safety advice during flooding

Information from Public Health England on recovering from flooding in the home and health guidance and advice

December 2015 Floods in Lancashire - Section 19 Report

Lancashire County Council has published an overview report on the December 2015 floods, as a first step in making public the findings of investigations into how the county's communities were flooded and how future flooding risks can be managed.

This first report, however, is much more limited in scope. Known as a "Section 19 investigation", the report looks at the weather conditions leading to flooding in December 2015 and is particularly focused on the statutory responsibilities and duties of flood risk management authorities during those storms. The report identifies those bodies identified as risk management authorities by the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, namely:

• The lead local flood authority (in this case Lancashire County Council)
• The Environment Agency
• A district council for an area for which there is no unitary authority
• An internal drainage board
• A water company
• A highway authority

The report found that all of these authorities had discharged their duties before, during, and after the flooding events caused by Storms Desmond and Eva, and that work continues in the medium-to-long term. 

Wyre's Making Space for Water Group (MSfW), a partnership of technical officers from the key agencies who work together to find solutions, deals with activities arising from the Section 19 process.

View the report and appendix (list of affected communities).

Drone footage taken on Friday 11 December to map the flood water in St Michael's and surrounding area




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