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Mythic Coast Artwork Trail

Trailblazers - Sea Ogre Sculptor Adrian Wright

The Sea Ogre was created by Lancashire-based sculptor Adrian Wright.

Carved from a 17-tonne limestone boulder from Carnforth. Due to the large scale of the Ogre Adrian had to create a scaffold frame and tent covering for him.

He was carved using hand tools and  took around 700 hours to complete over a period of five months.The finished Sea Ogre is two and a half metres high, two metres wide and weighs in at 12 tonnes.

Adrian has previously done work with the Stephen Broadbent Studio in Manchester and Liverpool.He trained at the Blue Coat Chamber in Liverpool.Adrian also did the stone carvings in The Drift artwork feature at Rossall Point Observation Tower.

He said: "I have enjoyed the challenge of working on such a large scale project.  It is great being able to create a 3D reality from a drawing. The fact that the Sea Ogre is such a fun and interactive piece means that I can also look forward to seeing people enjoying and climbing on him on the beach."

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