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Mythic Coast Artwork Trail

Trailblazers - Artist Stephen Broadbent

The Mythic Coast Artwork Trail concept has been developed by the Broadbent Studio headed by public artist Stephen Broadbent.

Stephen explains how the project took shape:

"The first step was finding the story about the coast. I like to think that we collected the story from the area by talking to people and looking at the history. This was brought to life by children's author Gareth Thompson who developed The Sea Swallow story based on local folklore and legend.

"The next step was to illustrate the story which was done beautifully by Hannah Magee.

"Following on from that was animating the book.  Allowing people to 'walk' the story and providing prompts for the imagination along the way - Shipwrecks, Sea Swallows, The Seashell, The Ogre and The Paddle all reflect elements from the book.

"The pieces have all been created by craftsmen from wood, stone and metal and they are physically large pieces that will last a lifetime and are intended to be interactive and tactile so everyone can touch them. The best part for me will be seeing people enjoy them.

"The Seashell is the most ambitious part of the project in the way it has been made, in terms of both scale and location.

"I am particularly looking forward to seeing it emerge from the tide.

"For the future I would like to see the story extend and develop as the story does indeed belong to the local community."

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