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Mythic Coast Artwork Trail

Wyre's Mythic Coast Artwork trail brings a magical element to the Cleveleys seafront.

Striking structures have brought to life The Sea Swallow - a specially commissioned children's story book that combines local folklore, myth and legend about Wyre's coastline.

All the artworks were designed by North West artist Stephen Broadbent. They were funded through the Sea Change regeneration programme that has also seen the building of the new Rossall Point Observation Tower and the refurbishment of Marine Hall Gardens at Fleetwood.

Shipwrecks on Cleveleys PromShipwrecks

A memorial to ships wrecked off the Fylde coast between 1643 and 2008.  The names of all the shipwrecks are etched through the steel.  Located on Cleveleys promenade.

Sea SwallowsSea Swallows

A 10 metre beacon featuring the Sea Swallows from the book.  Made from coated aluminium it creates a landmark at the top of Victoria Road in Cleveleys on the promenade.

Seashell-in-situThe Seashell

Go down to the beach and stand inside the Seashell when the tide is out.  It is 4 metres high, made from stainless steel and weighs 16.5 tonnes.  The Seashell was fabricated by Chris Brammall Limited of Cumbria.

The PaddleThe Paddle

Back on the promenade look for a paddle washed ashore.  The timber Paddle is 9 metres long and 1.7 metres wide.  It was carved from purpleheart timber by John Merrill and weighs in at 1.5 tonnes.  The Paddle bears the inscription "the Sea Ogre's paddle drifted up, to lie on the muddy sand like some strange offering..."   taken from The Sea Swallow.   

The Sea OgreThe Sea Ogre

A 4 metre stone Sea Ogre as featured in The Sea Swallow book is hidden somewhere along the beach at Cleveleys.  The Sea Ogre was carved from limestone by Adrian Wright and weighs in at 12 tonnes.

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