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Debt Advice

Residents of Wyre can access free and confidential independent debt advice. 

The Council has two trained Debt Advisers who can offer a range of solutions to reduce your debt as quickly as possible.  The first step is to realise you have a debt problem and seek help to resolve it.

Who is this service for?

Any person living in the Wyre area who finds themselves in debt and unable to cope.

What can the Debt Adviser do for me?

If you are in danger of losing your home or have debts you are unable to manage, we will work together by;

  • Contacting your creditors and negotiating your payments
  • Help you plan and budget your expenditure
  • Benefits Assessment - lots of people are in debt because they do not receive all the money they are entitled to.  We will look at your situation and advise if you are not receiving your full entitlement
  • If you are already with a debt management company you may be paying fees that could be going to your creditors.  We advise on free debt management
  • If you have received a county court letter we will advise you how to respond 
  • Been visited by the bailiffs? We will advise you on how to proceed and negotiate with the bailiffs or the relevant companies
  • Advice on bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangements and debt relief orders

 To make an appointment telephone the council on 01253 887343 or 887349 

What should I bring with me on the day?

  • Any information and evidence about the debts you have
  • Bank Statements

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