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Wyre Flood and Coastal Defence Strategy Plan

The Wyre Flood and Coastal Defence Strategy Plan and Headland PAR documents have been produced by Wyre Council in co-operation with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Natural England, Halcrow Group and Associated British Ports.

This strategy plan concerns the coastal frontage at Cleveleys, Rossall and Fleetwood and ties into the Blackpool strategy up to Anchorsholme. The study also extends to the tidal limits of the River Wyre at Cartford Bridge, Little Eccleston, and includes the defences on the left bank of the River Wyre to ensure that consistent flood defence is provided to the area at risk reference.

The strategy plan consists of a number of documents; these consist of the main report and several appendices (listed below) which can be downloaded or are available to purchase from the Council. These documents include:


  • Physical Setting
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Existing Defences Report
  • Strategic Option Analysis
  • Benefit Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Strategic Monitoring Plan

Over 28,000 properties lie within the indicative flood plain as shown in blue in figure 1 above. The benefits derived from these properties are over £165 million.

The strategy area covers over 8 km of coastal defences and 17km of river defences. The majority of these defences were constructed over fifty years ago and are reaching the end of their useful life.

The strategic approach allows the integration of coastal works to protect life and property with wider environmental and sustainability issues. There are a wide range of factors to be considered and measured against each other including balancing the changing physical environment and the need to protect life and property with recreational and commercial usage and the environmental impacts which man's intervention on the coast can cause.

Wyre Flood and Coastal Defence Strategy Plan - February 2013

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