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Preston Community Transport (PCT) are looking for volunteers in Wyre to assist members of your local community to get to shops, services, social activities and appointments. The more volunteers they get, the more people they can help. 

How it works

You will make yourself and your private vehicle(s) available to assist members of your local community. Your passengers may be neighbours who have no private transport and have great difficulty using public transport. They may be lonely, isolated and possibly dealing with multiple and long term health issues. Many will have few friends or family able to assist. 

You will specify what you are prepared to do and when, for example "I'm available any day between 9am and 7pm" or, "I'm available on Wednesdays between 10am and 1pm". 


Passengers contribute £0.40 per mile, to the driver, for the miles they are in the vehicle. PCT provides the same for the non-passenger "positioning" miles on receipt of a claim. Phone calls, stamps and other reasonable expenses are also covered, such as parking charges - not fines! 
PCT also provide additional insurance, on top of liability insurance, to cover volunteers insurance excess and loss of no claims bonus (up to £250), in case of a claim when operating a recorded trip. 

Expenses will be paid as set out in your volunteer agreement. 

Skills, personal, qualities and experience required 

  • You need to be aged between 25 and 80 with a full, clean UK driving licence (if over 80, a medical certificate is required )
  • Volunteers will need patience, understanding and to have a warm and welcoming personality
  • Whilst there is no specialist transport involved (no-one is transported who needs specialist care or equipment), drivers should be prepared and able to help with shopping bags, to put wheelchairs/mobility aids in the boot and offer an assisting arm should one be needed. An awareness of safeguarding would be a bonus

Apply to become a volunteer

Please contact either Julie Pole, David Meggison or Joe Hannett on:

Application process

You will have an informal interview followed by an induction process which will include a discussion around the role, meeting the. You will also be asked to undertake a DBS.

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