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Wyre Publication Draft Local Plan - Proposed Main Modifications Consultation

Representations (comments) are invited on the proposed Main Modifications (EL7.001) to the Publication Draft Wyre Local Plan and its associated Sustainability Appraisal Addendum (EL7.002) over a six week period from 

12 September 2018 to 5.00pm 24 October 2018

Late representations will not be considered

Respond online or by using the PDF form below

The easiest way in which to make representations on the Proposed Main Modifications to the Local Plan and Sustainability Appraisal Addendum 2018 is to use the online consultation form (link above) specifically set up for this purpose.  Alternatively the council has produced a PDF version of the form that can be downloaded and completed electronically. Continuation sheets on Soundness (Part C) and additional information (Part F) are also available. Please note, when completing the PDF editable form the field boxes are capped at a set number of characters. Please use form Part F if additional space is required.

Please note that only representations on the proposed Main Modifications and Sustainability Appraisal Addendum 2018 will be considered by the Inspector. This is not a further opportunity to comment on other matters in the Publication Draft Wyre Local Plan.  

The Schedule of the Proposed Main Modifications including changes to the Policies Map (EL7.001) and the Sustainability Appraisal Addendum 2018 (EL7.002) are available to download from the Examination Library, see items EL7 at the bottom of the examination webpage.

It is strongly advised that you read the accompanying guidance note before completing your representation.  Paper copies of the representation form and guidance note are available from the Planning Policy Team (details below) and the “deposit” locations where the Schedule of Main Modifications and Sustainability Appraisal Addendum can also be viewed.

All responses should be received by the Council by 5.00pm 24 October 2018 at the latest by:

Post - Wyre Council, Planning Policy Team, Civic Centre, Breck Road, Poulton-le-Fylde, FY6 7PU
E-mail -

As part of the public consultation, the council is required to publish a Statement of Representations Procedure and Availability of Documents which details the consultation process.   

The council has also produced a poster/leaflet to publicise the consultation.

Evidence Base Updates and Other Documents

The council has published a Schedule of Additional Modifications (EL8.001) which is available from the Examination Library. These are of a minor nature (e.g. factual updates and correcting typographical or grammatical errors) and do not materially affect the policies set out in the Local Plan. They are not necessary for soundness and as such are not part of the consultation. 

To accompany the consultation, the council has also published updated evidence base and background documents which are also available to download from the Examination Library, see items EL8 at the bottom of the examination webpage.  For reference only this includes a “tracked changes” version of the Publication Daft Local Plan (EL8.002) that shows the proposed Main Modifications and Additional Modifications in their policy context.

National Planning Policy Framework – Recent Update

The government has recently revised the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).  For the avoidance of doubt, as the Wyre Local Plan has been submitted to the government for examination prior to the publication of the revised NPPF it is the policies of the previous 2012 NPPF, including the tests of soundness, that continue to apply for the purposes of examining the Wyre Local Plan.

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For any enquiries regarding the local plan please contact the planning policy team:

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