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Listed Buildings

Listed buildings are buildings or structures that are considered to have special architectural, cultural or historical significance.

A listed building is protected from alteration, extension or demolition without special permission being granted by the Council. The listed status also means that maintenance and repair of listed buildings is often mandatory.

Buildings constitute the majority of listed structures, but the listing also includes some statues, monuments and even milestones / mileposts.

Currently, there are 3 listed grades, in descending order:

  • Grade I: Exceptional interest
  • Grade II*: Particularly important interest
  • Grade II: Special interest

There are 457 listed buildings in Wyre (as of March 2006) as follows:

  • Grade I: 2
  • Grade II*: 6
  • Grade II: 449

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These are designated and protected by policies ENV10 and ENV11 in the Wyre Borough Adopted Local Plan, and policies ENVT10 and ENVT11 in the Wyre Borough Local Plan 1st Deposit Draft.

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