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Residents Parking Permit

Terms and Conditions

Each permit is only valid for use in the vehicle whose registration mark is recorded on the Wyre Council's database and shown on the front of the permit. The permit must not be altered in any way. The permit is only valid in designated car parks; it is not valid on Rough Lea Road or North Promenade car parks, Cleveleys.

Vehicles are permitted to park once per day free of charge for up to a maximum of two hours. You are not permitted to use the permit on a car park and then move to another and use it again, even if you did not park for the full two hours previously. If you wish to park for more than two hours or to park on a non-designated car park then a Pay & Display ticket must be purchased and displayed in the vehicle. Failure to do so may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued. By issuing a permit the Council does not guarantee that a parking space will be available.

The permit remains the property of Wyre Council. Use of the permit indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions. Misuse of the permit will result in it being withdrawn.

The use of the parking permit is a privilege given by Wyre Council to its residents. The council reserves the right to change or end the scheme and cancel all permits at its discretion.

The resident parking permit scheme is open to all residents of Wyre. In order to qualify you must live here on a permanent basis and pay full Council Tax to Wyre Council. Those residents who reside on a caravan or country park and who pay a service charge to the site owner but not Council Tax are not eligible for the scheme.

Fair Notice Processing:
All details relating to the application and issue of the parking permit will be stored on a computer database.To satisfy the requirements of the Data Protection Act, 1998 the council is obliged to make it clear to you how we use your personal data and to say who we might share it with - if that is not obvious.  Your personal data may be used for purposes other than administering the Residents' Parking Permit system, such as for the general prevention and detection of fraud. For example your data could be passed on to the Audit Commission, as part of the National Fraud Initiative, for detecting fraudulent claims for, or use of permits. In particular the Audit Commission has legal powers under the Serious Crime Act 2007 to match your information to other records, or any other personal data from other public bodies where there is reasonable evidence that fraud is likely to be found.  Sharing your personal data in this way will only be carried out when absolutely necessary.

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