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Drive safely for longer

Driving helps older adults stay mobile and independent, but the risk of being injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash increases as you age. We have lots of advice and information about older drivers' risks on the road and steps you can take to protect yourself or influence someone you care about.

With more traffic on the roads and increasingly complex systems of road markings, signs and signals, driving is certainly more demanding than it used to be. As people get older, it is inevitable that general health and fitness will begin to deteriorate - and this is what causes concern that older drivers may be at an increased risk of being involved in an accident. This may be a gradual process and people might not realise its happening to them, so they won't necessarily notice if their driving is affected.
Some older drivers recognise that their driving ability has changed and consequently change when and where they drive. However, not all older drivers do this, and there is little guidance for them or their relatives about it.
By working with older road users we would like to help make our streets safer places for everyone and reduce the number of road accidents, but we need your help to achieve this. We recognise that this will not happen overnight and we need to work together to change attitudes and behaviour towards driving.

Statistics show that the risk of being involved in an accident increases after the age of 70. Up to that age drivers are no more likely to cause a crash than to be the victim of another road user's mistake. However, drivers over 70 or 80 years are more likely to be at fault when they crash. (RoSPA)

Drive Safely for Longer Course
Carol Melhuish
Road Safety Training Centre 
Leyland House, Lancashire Business Park
Centurian Way, Farington
PR26 6TY
Phone: 01772 456412

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