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Corporate Complaints and Compliments


During the period 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 a total of 85 complaints were received and dealt with under the corporate complaints scheme. The complaints were split as follows:

Directorate Number
People and Places 57
Resources 28
Total 85

This is slight decrease from 2014/15 when we recorded 86 corporate complaints.

The borough of Wyre has approximately 110,000 residents and therefore this constitutes 0.08% of our customer base.

22 complaints were advanced to the second stage of the complaints procedure during 2015/16. This second stage allows customers who were not satisfied with the initial response they received to request a further investigation, by a senior officer from another service area. If the customer’s complaint has been investigated under both stages 1 and 2 and they still feel that the complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved, they can pursue it with the Local Government Ombudsman.


Common Themes

There are yet again no apparent common themes running through the complaints, as has also been the case in previous years. Customers will always complain if they are unhappy with the collection of their rubbish or the recovery of a debt. However in some instances it can give a warning of a service that may have a problem or not be performing at the level that is expected.



A total of 203 compliments were received from customers during the year. These were split as follows:
Directorate Number
People and Places 141
Resources 49

In addition we received 13 compliments specifically about the help, advice and support that had been offered by the council, either by individuals or departments, in relation to the flooding experienced in the Wyre area in December 2015.



We are committed to providing the best customer service we can even in difficult times. Complaints are dealt with by individual departments and any lessons learned can then be implemented by the department.

We take comments, complaints and compliments by telephone, letter, email, text and also by speaking to a member of staff, to ensure that the process of making complaints and compliments is as easy as possible for customers.

We are always looking at ways to improve our service to residents and welcome customer feedback to help with improving our services.

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