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When are the next elections?

Next Local Elections - 7 May 2015
Next County Council Elections - 4 May 2017 - All you need to know (external link)
Next General Election - 7 May 2015
Next European Parliamentary Election - 22 May 2014

Ballot Box

Notice of Casual Vacancy - April 2014

Documents relating to the Election of a borough Councillor for Hardhord Ward are available Election of a ward Councillor in Hardhorn Ward - Poulton le Fylde

EU Elections 2014

EU Elections 2014 

Elections for the European Parliament are held every five years and the next elections will take place on 22 May 2014. Legal Notices for the EU Elections 2014 are available to view.

Are you registered to vote

Are you registered to vote?

Find out how you can make sure you are registered to vote... and what steps you need to take if you're not including downloading the Register to Vote application form.

Elections - voting figures

Previous Election Results

The Council endeavours to publish election results as soon as they are available. For details of all currently elected representatives for the Wyre area, please refer to our Councillors pages.

About My Vote

About my Vote

An independent body set up by the UK Parliament. The aim is integrity and public confidence in the democratic process.