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Cosy Homes In Lancashire (CHiL)

Wyre Council is working with local authorities in Lancashire to help households access funding for energy-related improvements to their homes.

Estimated yearly savings from energy saving improvements

  • Loft insulation you could save you up to £180 per year
  • Cavity wall insulation, up to £140 per year
  • Insulating solid walls (internally or externally) or hard to treat cavities you could save as much as £500 per year
  • Replacing an old boiler with a new energy efficient one, up to £310 per year

Available Measures 

If your property is suitable you should be able to have a number of energy efficiency improvements installed in your home for free including loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.

All the measures available on the scheme are subject to survey and may change at any time (subject to the funding that is available from energy providers via Governments ECO scheme).

1)    Loft Insulation

The scheme can deliver free loft insulation to any domestic property in Lancashire. Insulation will be installed to a recommended thickness of 270mm saving an average property around £150 per year.

CHiL can also provide top-up loft insulation where the existing insulation is 100mm thick or less. Where a property has no loft insulation we may also be able to widen loft access hatches for free in order to gain access, and in some cases, help clear lofts of stored items to make it possible to do the installation.

2)    Cavity Wall insulation

The scheme can provide free cavity wall insulation for most homes built after 1920. We use high quality beads and this insulation this will save an average property around £100 - £150 per year.

We can also insulate ‘hard to treat’ cavities from houses built before 1920 or with stone fronts. Unfortunately at the present time we can’t do this for free, but we can offer a very competitive quote.

3)    Solid Wall Insulation

Solid wall insulation, which can be either external to the property or fitted onto internal walls, is appropriate for older properties with no cavity wall but can be very expensive. Earlier this year we were able to help households access a time-limited grant from government (the ‘Green Deal Home Improvement Fund) to heavily subsidise this work. We expect the fund to reopen soon so please register your interest as soon as possible if you would like to benefit.

4)   Boilers

We are able to provide replacement high quality condensing gas boilers or electric storage heaters. In some cases we can access ‘affordable warmth’ grant funding to provide them for free or at a substantial discount – this is dependent on a household being in receipt of certain benefits and circumstances.

If a household doesn’t meet those criteria we can still offer a very competitive deal for a new boiler and for a service package, including providing finance options where no upfront payment is needed.

5)    Renewable Technology

We are able to offer competitive quotes for measures such as solar photovoltaic panels and heat pumps that attract government subsidies. From January we are looking to introduce a ‘free upfront’ solar option for both households and organisations where they get free solar panels, get to keep feed in tariffs, and then buy the electricity generated by the panels at a reduced rate.

If interested contact LESS, our delivery partner leading the scheme. These offers will be time limited and are subject to change at any time due to funding availability from energy providers.

Call today on 0330 606 1488 or e-mail info@cosylancashire.org.uk

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