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Local Councillors

Wyre Council is made up of 55 councillors who are democratically elected by the residents of Wyre every four years to represent the views and opinions of the communities.

Council Political MakeupWyre's current Conservative majority council was elected in May 2011 and politically it is made up of

Councillors decide how the council should carry out its various activities. They are responsible for

  • deciding how council services are provided,
  • ensuring that the services that the council provides are delivered in the most efficient and effective way,
  • fixing the rates of council tax and the fees that the council charges for its services
  • and determining how the council's money should be spent.

Councillors have a responsibility to help the residents living within the ward in which they have been elected, with any difficulties that the council might be able to resolve and will discuss any concerns or problems relating to Council services and listen to your views on issues that you feel are important. They must also represent the public interest generally as well as individuals within their ward.

Councillors are not paid a salary for their work, but they do receive allowances. All members of the Council are required to complete a Register of Interest form, the details of which are published annually.

Councillors are also required to register any gifts or hospitality they receive in their role as a Councillor on the gifts and hospitality register.

Councillors also have to declare at meetings they attend any financial or significant interest they have on any item being discussed. They may have to withdraw from the meeting whilst the issue is discussed and any such declarations are recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

Key figures

The First Citizen of the borough

Ron Shewan - Mayor

Ron Shewan

Terry Rogers - Deputy Mayor

Terry Rogers

Ruling Party - Conservative

Peter Gibson - Leader

Peter Gibson - Leader of the Council

Ward: Breck

Party: Conservative

Pete Murphy - Economy Portfolio Holder

Pete Murphy

Ward: Brock

Party: Conservative

Lynne Bowen - Leisure and Culture Portfolio Holder

Lynne Bowen

Ward: Hambleton & Stalmine-with-Staynall

Party: Conservative

Roger Berry - Neighbourhood Services Portfolio Holder

Roger Berry

Ward: Highcross

Party: Conservative

Alan Vincent - Resources Portfolio Holder and Deputy Leader

Alan Vincent

Ward: Victoria

Party: Conservative

Vivien Taylor - Street Scene Portfolio Holder

Councillor Viv Taylor

Ward: Preesall

Party: Conservative

Opposition - Labour

Penny Martin - Shadow Leader

Councillor Penny Martin

Ward: Cleveleys Park


Terry Lees - Shadow Economy Portfolio Holder

Councillor Terry Lees

Ward: Bourne


Emma Anderton - Shadow Leisure and Culture Portfolio Holder

Councillor Emma Anderton

Ward: Warren


Paul Treece-Birch - Shadow Resources Portfolio Holder and Deputy Leader

Councillor Paul Treece-Birch

Ward: Warren


Ruth Duffy - Shadow Street Scene Portfolio Holder

Councillor Ruth Duffy

Ward: Mount


Council Services